Our Expertise

Deal closers.

  • Peake Law Group has extensive experience working with landowners and developers from the very beginning stages of a project until after the last brick is laid. Whether you are looking to purchase or sell raw land, shopping centers, office buildings, medical campuses or a portfolio of properties, PLG’s years of experience can be invaluable. We are with you every step of the way and eager to help. Our clients call on us early and often, as we can make sure the project has a strong legal foundation from the outset to more efficiently reach its potential. We assist with every stage of acquisition and development, including negotiating letters of intent (LOIs), joint venture agreements and purchase agreements, reviewing title, survey and environmental due diligence, consolidating and subdividing the land, coordinating with land use counsel for entitlements, establishing easements, covenants and restrictions, assisting with financing, facilitating local government coordination and approvals, and any of the myriad other items that may appear along the way. Our goal is to see our client’s vision come to fruition, which requires us to be nimble, cooperative, responsive, attentive to detail, efficient and cost-effective. Inevitably, legal requirements and challenges will arise, but PLG guides its clients through each of them so you can focus on the outcome.

  • Whether you are just getting started, restructuring for strategic market positioning or preparing for divestiture, PLG can help to protect your business’s assets and interests throughout the process and provide counsel as to the structure of the deal.  We routinely counsel clients on the pros and cons of particular corporate structures.  We facilitate their formation, draft the organizational documents that govern corporation action, and guide managers and officers through their fiduciary and contractual obligations as needs arise. If your company is looking to organize an asset purchase, form a joint venture, or raise equity through a private offering, PLG can recommend a strategy and proper deal structure.  Our long history of working with all types of businesses gives us an in-depth understanding of your business and allows PLG to contour its services to best suit your ultimate goals.

  • Large commercial developers, mom-and-pop retailers, syndicated entities and expanding franchises have all entrusted PLG with their business goals. We provide clients with strategic guidance on choosing a structure, analyzing market conditions, weighing costs and opportunities for investment and planning for expansion. The retail world is fast-paced and competitive and franchising is a complex body of multi-state regulation.  Whether working with shopping center owners to fill their space or franchise concepts breaking into a new territory, innovation and speed-to-market are critical to our clients’ success. We see ourselves as facilitators of that success, enabling you to focus on executing your business plan with the confidence of a solid legal foundation and our eyes carefully monitoring the devilish details. PLG works with its clients throughout the process to avoid the pitfalls that can plague retail projects, so your businesses remain protected and interests stay secure.

  • Just the mention of condominiums or residential or commercial owners’ associations strikes fear or dread into the hearts of many whose personal experience or proximity to a disaster story shaped their thinking on a much-misunderstood legal tool.  For more than 14 years, including through the Great Recession, PLG has helped clients of all stripes and on all sides of the condominium/association equation successfully navigate what have been treacherous waters for others.  PLG represents developers of residential, commercial, land, medical, office, hospitality and mixed-use condominiums, whether building new from the ground up or converting an older facility utilizing historic tax credits. We know the Virginia Condominium Act and all the great opportunities it provides to landowners to quickly and efficiently subdivide their land into bite-sized, marketable and buyer-sized pieces.  On the other size of the coin, PLG has worked with individual condominium owners directly and through their associations to address disputes with developers, obtain professional property management, navigate the ever-changing guidelines to qualify their condos for Fannie Mae lending, and create unity and common purpose among neighbors to improve the value of their homes. The key to success in these projects is having the wisdom to partner with competent and experienced legal counsel as early in the process as possible. Many clients presume only the giants in the legal industry can handle these issues and overpay or forego professional advice altogether leaving them adrift. PLG can work with almost every budget and ultimately saves clients time, money and anxiety while creating, expanding or carefully preserving important property interests.

  • In the competitive and time-sensitive field of retail and office leasing and sales, PLG provides its clients with an edge over the competition.  We employ decades of combined experience to advocate for both landlords and tenants, franchisees and corporate giants, medical groups and developers, and small businesses and REITs.  This vast exposure to clients of all types enables us to have the unique perspective of all sides of a deal.  We know the arguments and counterarguments, the upside- and downside-risk, the mitigating and extenuating terms and how to utilize them effectively to bring parties together to get the deal done.  Many of our clients come to us as a result of frustration with protracted negotiations on prior deals over legal minutia that made no impact apart from cooling relationships or killing the deal. We will not waste your time or your money creating work for ourselves. We aim to reach common ground and know the fastest way there.  PLG attorneys are deal closers.

  • PLG has cultivated a specialty working with medical office acquisition, development, leasing and disposition.  Medical service providers are subject to a complex web of regulations and we have worked with clients on every side of medical office deals to navigate those issues and stay within the prescribed framework. We bring all of our acquisition, development, financing, leasing and corporate planning expertise to bear on medical office projects.  From establishing the boutique private practice of a sole practitioner to the creation of a sprawling medical campus, we have worked with both landowner/developer and the individual practice groups on achieving their vision.  On occasion, that vision includes private placement of equity interests in the medical office building and joint venture or partnership activities that need careful planning and legal guidance.  PLG has worked effectively for years to bring experienced developers and enterprising physicians together to maximize the potential of this symbiotic relationship.

  • Every project requires a strong financial engine to power it through to success.  PLG has decades of combined experience facilitating the equity and debt financing goals of our borrowing and lending clients.  We regularly and efficiently close commercial loans for our developer and small business clients looking to acquire assets, construct infrastructure or buildings, or recapitalize their enterprise and we have worked extensively with lenders across the full spectrum of their lending practices.  PLG also facilitates the corporate marriage of money and sweat equity partners in joint venture, tenant-in-common or other entity structures.  We help prepare private offering materials, polish project pro formas, gut-check budgets, and ultimately incorporate all of those steps into professionally assembled subscription agreements and corporate governing documents.  When the documents are signed, we are there for clients who need guidance on execution of the business plan and look for opportunities to create value in the project our clients may have missed.  For our lending clients, who are keen to please their borrowers, PLG applies skill and efficiency to cost-effectively draft and negotiate commercial loan documentation, review due diligence, and coordinate closings on acquisition, construction, permanent and conduit loans.  If clients are looking to utilize tax-deferred exchange opportunities, PLG has established a solid network with qualified intermediaries to facilitate those tax-saving structures, even on a moment’s notice.

  • Mixed use and master planned developments require a skilled developer and the best always partner with trusted counsel to see the project successfully launched.  PLG has been privileged to help clients work through the acquisition of land and entitlements, the creation of lots and tracts and the framework of easements and covenants that make them work symbiotically together, and ultimately the sale, ground leasing or other disposition of commercial tracts to grocery anchors or other big-box retailers.  We know how to balance the needs of residential communities placed next to thriving shopping centers and how to incorporate office, multi-family and retail into the new urbanist’s town center. PLG enjoys watching our clients’ vision come to life, whether they are medical office campuses, shopping centers, or single- or multi-family residential developments, and facilitating their integration into one cohesive whole.  We have the experience to know that, much like a master chess player, the successful developers are those who think nine moves ahead at all times.  Our clients’ track-record of success in this complex arena is a source of pride for PLG. We hope to have the opportunity to provide sage counsel to facilitate the success of your project.

In addition to the above expertise, we enjoy connecting our clients with our business contacts to create new opportunities and further their goals. We routinely connect buyers and sellers, investors and developers, and banks and borrowers to facilitate new business. PLG looks forward to working with you to bridge any gap and getting the deal done.